Customer Info and Reference

Letter Of Credit

Letter Of Credit Policy

Milton Roy reserves the right to reject and/or request amendment of any Letter of Credit
received not meeting our outlined requirements.


Form of Documentary LC Irrevocable
Language of LC English
Applicable Rules UCP latest version
Date and Place of Expiration 30 days after the last ship date
Applicant The name and address should match the purchaser’s information on the PO or Contract.
Beneficiary Name and Address

Milton Roy

201 Ivyland Rd.

Ivyland, PA 18974

Confirmation of L/C To be determined by the Business Unit’s Credit Dept. and Controller
Advising/Confirming Bank

J.P. Morgan Chase

Global Trade Services

300 Riverside Plaza

Chicago, IL 60606-0236

Payment Sight draft
Currency Code and Amount

All amounts must be stated and payable in U.S.

dollars (USD)

Description of Goods
  • This should be a simple description of the equipment extracted from the Proforma Invoice.
  • Technical details not required. Do not include HTN or commodity codes.
Freight And Documentation All freight arrangements and documentation must be managed by Milton Roy or an agent for Milton Roy.
Presentation Time 21 days from shipping date for presentation of documents.
  • CIF or CFR for Ocean shipments
  • CPT and CIP for Air or any mode
Bank Charges
  • All bank charges and fees in the applicant’s country are for the account of the applicant.
  • All bank charges outside the country are for the account of the beneficiary.
  • In the event there is an error on the LC which needs to be amended and unless it is caused by an error or omission on the side of the beneficiary, the applicant will be responsible for all charges incurred for the amendment or cancellation
Documentation required for ocean/marine shipments
  • All original bills of lading or express release will be presented to the bank. Only copies of the B/L may be sent to the applicant
  • The B/L must be made out to “order of the Shipper” and blank endorsed
  • Transshipments must be “allowed”
  • Partial shipments must be “allowed”
  • Freight forwarder bills of lading must be acceptable
Documentation required for air shipments
  • “Original airway bill” must be the required transport document. A request for “clean on board” airway bills or “full set” airway bills will be rejected .
  • The airway bill must be consigned to the pplicant. It will not be made out to “order of the shipper” or “to order”.
  • Transshipments not “allowed”.
  • Partial shipments must be “allowed”
  • Freight forwarder bills of lading must be acceptabl
Ports/Airports Shipment must be made from “any U.S port/airport”. To (specified port/airport).
Certificate of Origin If a Certificate of Origin is requested the Certificate must be “attested to” by the Chamber of Commerce. We will not accept the request for a Certificate of Origin “issued by” the Chamber of Commerce.
Original Documents Original documents will be presented to the bank only. If the applicant requires documentation, copies will be sent.
Anti-Boycott  No boycott or restrictive trade practices or discriminatory provision will be permitted. Any LC with a boycott or restrictive trade comment will be rejected.